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Highly reliable chip niobium oxide capacitor

Highly reliable chip niobium oxide capacitor【下载次数:1570】

Product features:

The anode of the product adopts NiO as anode substrate, which is insensitive to DC surge impact of switching power supply circuit;

●It has very strong ability to resist direct stray surge, and it does not burn and explode. Its reliability is one order of magnitude higher than tantalum capacitor and close to the level of safety capacitor, which can meet the high safety requirements of high reliable power supply circuit;

●It is suitable for circuits with high ripple AC signal and large DC surge current;

●When using low impedance switching power supply circuit, compared with tantalum capacitor, it is not necessary to apply more derating voltage. Only 10% derating can meet the requirements of high reliability and safety. Unexpected breakdown requires very large current, and it will show resistance mode of 1K or more, which will not cause continuous breakdown. It is used in the switch with high surge voltage and current Turn off the power supply circuit, because there is almost no need to de rating, 10V products can replace the tantalum capacitors below 25V for safe use;

●It can replace the chip tantalum capacitor and ceramic capacitor whose working voltage is less than or equal to 10V. It can be used in the primary and secondary power supply circuit as filtering and energy storage charge and discharge, with perfect safety;

●Executive standard: QJ / xy122-2019